Speak! Get Famous! Make Money! – Positioning yourself as the Expert in the front of the room will drive revenue to any business. Practical speaking solutions from the Expert on Business Speaking.

I hired Jeff to help me get my business concept, speaking engagements and book sales in alignment with my sales goals. He got to the heart of the matter really quickly . . . If you need someone to get your business or service turned around quickly, Jeff Klein is your guy, call him today. – Michael Harris, PhD, The Gift For Life, Inc. – Writer, Speaker, Coach

Conversation Starters vs. Conversation Killers – How to tell people what you do so they want to know more. And tell their friends about you.

Jeff is a wonderful speaker. His experience comes through as his content is relevant, up-to-date, and very useful. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their business. -  Jeffrey D. Cummins, CPA, MBA, CFP(R), Financial Planner, Spectrum Financial Group

Chamber of Commerce – Plaque on the Wall or Source of Revenue?

Too many business owners see their Chamber membership as a civic obligation and don’t take advantage of the contacts and opportunities available. Imagine turning that Plaque on the Wall into Profits for Your Business!

When I left corporate America, I thought I was a natural at networking. I Jeff provides deep content for getting and giving the most during your networking activities. He also provides very simple and specific worksheets for gathering valuable information which helps you know who to refer and how to trigger referrals from other professionals. GREAT STUFF! – Jeff Weaver, Sales, ITEX

The 4 C’s of Business Messaging – Creative, Captivating, Concise, & Consistent – Stop confusing your customers. Get your prospects to listen. Make sure the person answering the phone says the same things about your business as the sales staff and the boss.

Though I consider myself a rather good communicator, Jeff helped me realize that I was unintentionally saying things that either blurred, or were inconsistent with, my intended message. (Which I came to see wasn’t clear enough in the first place.) If you’re concerned about the quality and consistency of your messaging at all, or especially if you’re not, Jeff is your guy! – Chad King, Director of Sales at Cognoscape, LLC

Successful Business Conversations – Everyone in the business should be able to comfortably talk about the company in both business and casual settings, using the same words and messages.

I have been to several events in which Jeff was the Key Note speaker! He always conveys his message in which the audience “gets it”. He is informational and interesting to have as a speaker. I would recommend Jeff to any group or organization that wants to really learn! Marilou Castelli, Area Coordinator at The Heartlink Network

How The Big Guys Do It – Reaching Your Ideal Target Customers – Are you advertising and selling to the right prospects? The right prospects will become loyal clients and tell their friends to become customers, too.

Jeff is a wizard at helping you identify your target customers and speak to them with clear, focused messaging. I highly recommend him to any individual or group that needs to achieve more sales. – Denise Aday, Owner, Aday VA Solutions

Identifying Your Target Members – Member recruiting for non-profits and trade associations using basic advertising techniques.

Jeff is an accomplished speaker, and an expert on his topic(s). I have been thoroughly pleased with his presentations, and have received great feedback from others in the organization. I highly recommend him. – Susan Newbold

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