Direct Sales

I had the pleasure of participating in one of Jeff’s workshops which I took to hone my networking skills. From that session I learned how to differentiate myself from the drone of typical 30 second commercial formats. I learned how to be specific in my referral requests. And lastly, he helped me to identify between my synergistic partnerships vs. my strategic partnerships.
Jeff is a G-dsend to the networking community, as he makes us all more successful one networking meeting at a time. –
Barbara Buchnowski – Sr. Director Sales Operations, PanTerra Networks

I sure learned how to get the most out of my 30 second commercial! The format of the workshop provided a great way to learn how to create your 30 second commercial. A very valuable session for my business! Jeff is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent teacher.   Jacki Muehlenbein – Representative, LocalAdLink

Jeff is very creative and detail oriented with his training. My personal Skin Care business needed a commercial which would provide me with referrals each week. He was so detailed with the words and direct response phrase for each of my commercials. Jeff was also very patient with me to help me understand the difference between a problem solved and a question. The other professionals in the group were very impressed by his ability to change his focus on each industry specifically. I would recommend Jeff to speak, train, or use his creative ability to help business professionals in any industry. Cindy Watts – Mary Kay Representative

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